Centrepieces for Tablescape

Centrepieces for Tablescape

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Centrepiece vase arrangement. Designed for gatherings. Tablescape-looks starting at $150.00. Florals based on seasons and availability. Materials are carefully selected for each order based on your preferences and wishes. Please e-mail to order a centrepiece for a custom dollar value. 

This photograph of our floral designs serves as an example of our work, specific flowers and colour palette change weekly. Please confirm this week's selection aligns with your preferences prior to placing the order. Details can found below, kjayne.design (Instagram) and Kailey Jayne Design (Facebook). 

I would love to order flowers - Now what?! If you know what you are looking for, feel free to skip this section of reading. If you're looking for some guidance, let us go over the how-to and what's-what! 

Who? - Please include both your contact number and e-mail address. If you are having flowers delivered we require the following information before we can start an order:
- Recipient name 
- Recipient contact information (phone number and e-mail address) 
- Delivery address (Details - Unit number, side door etc) 
- Card message 
- Delivery date
- Design preferences within this weeks options (colours, flowers, vase selection)
- Confirm that you are aware of this weeks colour palette and floral selection

What? - Bouquet or Vase Arrangement. Each type of style has an option to select the size as well. Since we do not have a physical store, shop and see this weeks colour palette on our Instagram Story (@kjayne.design) or Facebook page (Kailey Jayne Design). Details also will be listed below:
Flowers - Beginning spring/summer 2020.
Colour palette - Beginning spring/summer 2020.

Where? - We have a delivery and pick-up system for Huntsville, Rosseau, and Port Carling. At the final stages of the online ordering process you will be prompted to select your shipment type and location details. 

When? - As mentioned, we are a studio-based flower shop! This means we have no brick-and-mortar location. We receive and accept orders everyday of the week however our deliveries, pick-ups and shop drops (find our flowers at our partnership locations!) happen on Fridays and Saturdays only. Our delivery schedules are created on a first-come-first-serve basis by area. We do our absolute best to plan ahead and accommodate!

Why? - Feel free to elaborate on the "why" of the order! Celebration, sympathy, home decor, event... Let us know how we can cater your floral needs and vision!

How much? - We offer a selection of sizing and pricing and we can absolutely create a custom order for you! When deciding on your floral budget, consider: the size of gesture you're looking to send, the size and style of vase and it's possible cost, the labour and design skills, delivery location, custom requests, and how grateful we are that you have selected us as your florist! Your support of our small business means the world to us. 

How? - We can make all of the necessary arrangements via e-mail exchanges. If you would prefer a phone call to sort out the details let's schedule a time to chat! We deliver our arrangements in our flower delivery vehicle.