Muskoka: Fresh Flower Bouquets and Arrangements Coming Soon!


A curated collection of beautifully made floral designs, art, ceramics, home goods, and woodenware.
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The Artists

Shop the selection of goods created and curated by Kailey Jayne. The retail shop location will be announced soon! It will offering a range of beautiful, hand-made pieces by Canadian artists and makers. Stay tuned for more information on the Muskoka shop!

Wedding Floral Design



What a pleasure it is to work with such an amazing florist who is with you every step of the way! Whatever your vision may be Kailey helps that come to life PLUS more! I was blown away with the quality and the exceptional attention to detail.

Katie & Ryan

Her passion for the art and her love of flowers made her the perfect choice. The end product was stunning. Kailey lived up to our expectations in every way. We received so many compliments! Kailey has a gift! She is a truly talented, passionate and professional artist.

Sam & Alex

Kailey is the PERFECT combination of realizing your vision and inspiring that vision! I had such a distinctive, lush, gorgeous wedding! Such a wonderful florist, highly recommended, everyone. She was a dream to work with and I am so grateful for her.

Lynette & Dave

Pressed Floral Art

A collection of art created by Kailey Jayne. Stunning, ethereal designs inspired by nature.

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